A funny thing happens when as a “professional creative” you are expected to deliver creativity. As if it was like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Being in the spotlight is intimidating, and on top of that someone cracks a “you are the designer, you tell us”. But of course, you are co-creating, isn’t it what you -creatives- are experts on? Shouldn’t you be full of good ideas, as a vending machine is full of soda? Ugh. NO! Creating is hard enough, but co-creating with humans that are not on board or familiar with the design process adds an extra load of pressure and emotional work for the designer. Because then, the role shifts from designer to facilitator of the process, teacher, translator, cheerleader, negotiator, mediator of egos (yours included), and anything else needed in order to convince your fellow human co-creators that everybody is creative. …

To write.

To write in a foreign language.

To dare to express our ideas and make mistakes (aka learn)

To be vulnerable at the Internet.

You have told me to write, and now here I am.

It is imperative to get ready to-write-the-thesis. We need to practice the skill of typing in a logical way, with grammar coherence, etc. But must important, we need to practice the mindset to-dare-to-write. Because, even if it is not perfect, academic, or relevant- it is political. To dare to occupy a space. The act of daring to be visible. And we must get ready to be vulnerable and create. …

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