Tiny Homes for the Homeless

This weekend, I had the privilege of building homes for the homeless. Along with 100+ other volunteers, I spent two days meeting amazing people and building a “caboose” that will provide shelter to someone living on the streets. CBS SF Bay Area video and this writeup by David Sikorki.

The big win from the weekend came when the city of Oakland asked us to donate the homes to members of its outreach program!! I’m happy that the houses we built will provide warm, dry places for the homeless. With that said, I’m under no illusion that these tiny homes are permanent solutions to the bigger problems that cause and perpetuate homelessness. But I do believe they are a part of the conversation, and most importantly, provide immediate safety and shelter to the homeless.

Screenshot from the CBS video footage.

This project has many roots. So whether your thing is recycling, tiny houses, architecture, design, helping the homeless, or simply humanity, get involved!

Sign up to get notified of the next build: http://goo.gl/forms/32fG8WP8lb

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