A plead for Chastity

Chastity — “Courage and boldness. Embracing of moral wholesomeness and achieving purity of thought through education and betterment.”

Here’s where I blame God. Assuming He made the human brain and body, He also left room for sins and matched them with virtues, spread 22 religions across the globe (out of which the third one is Atheism) and gave us deadlines on our joy ride called life.

I don’t know how much chastity has to do with courage or boldness, as I don’t believe I’ve met a person that swore of sex — but that probably would have meant for that person to be bold about it and have the courage to state it out loud. Let’s assume for now that I’m living in a world of sinners.

Living in a world of sinners, thus being surrounded by lust, I’ve grown to portrait in a bold secure manner, having an insatiable need for sex or things of a sexual nature, not giving it more meaning that what it actually had, and enjoying every second of it. Strangely enough I can’t match a single moment of lust I have experienced with a negative memory. I admit, being up-front and true about the things you lust gives you a certain power, a boost of self-esteem and people keep trying to figure you out.

What’s hard to figure out though is how someone that embodies the definition of lust can experience chastity beyond it’s definition. Experiencing moments when something that defines your isn’t there anymore can be confusing, but diving into chastity with no second thoughts makes you think your brain stopped functioning. And most probably, you’re right.

Having to deal with something that overwhelms you will leave very few space for anything else. You’ll find that confronting disappointment, sex will be the last thing on your mind. And your mind is exactly the place where lust begins. You brain, the same one God left you with, commands everything surrounding you: past, present or future. If chastity can be defined as achieving purity of thought through education, I picture universities as brain washing centers, and teachers as abolishers of free will.

If chastity was meant as a virtue then I believe there would be very few virtuous people experiencing happiness. As stated before, in our brains, true chastity begins where disappointment breeds, because there’s no space for lust in an empty mind. The people that lust are the fortunate ones, as having lusted is a certainty you’ve experienced happiness.

A penny for your thoughts. Five bucks if they’re happy.