Making a difference

I never relied too much on people around me. Got that since early childhood when I realized that disappointment is linked to expectations — which only you can grow and only others can break.

Thinking ahead and looking back, try to make a list of all the good times in your life, the kind that made you so full of joy, that you wished you could scream it to the world. Now summarize and divide those moments by the people that caused them and by the ones that were next to you screaming along. Extract all moments related to professional accomplishments, weddings, birthdays or high-school reunions — they cause social dictated behaviours from others. Add those moments that are to blurry to remember or that make you ashamed to admit you remember. Divide them according to the same formula.

Give an extra point to whomever punched someone for you, gave up something for you, shared food with you, gave you something of theirs just because you liked it more, came with you to a place they didn’t want to go to, watched a sunrise next to you or held your hand when you were afraid. Extract a point from those who said “I love you” — they are either family or they are trying to win free points — either way, shouldn’t rely on one point.

Now choose the top 3 that made it to the top of the list in ‘moment count’. How many are still going to be there 10 years from now? How many new ones will make it there in the future?

I have always dreamt of meeting my soul mate. I never expected it though to be a knight in shining armor, as I believed It could very well be my best friend.

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