Before I share my adventure I’d like to share about our collective adventure! The subject of internet neutrality is coming up for a vote and I’ve done some research that has left me confused and uncertain. God, I wish people were honest! I wish I could believe what other people say about this. Instead I’ll share a fundamental truth about anything that physically manifests, anything. This is a metaphysical truth that has long been held to be truth through the ages. For anything to physically manifest it must be equally balanced between the energies. That means there is a good side to everything and a bad side to everything. The trick is to accept both and live a bitter-sweet life that is full and deep.

I want a free and open internet that is available for all people. There are so many wonderful things that a free and open internet could bring to us. Many giant companies like Google and Comcast are fighting hard to bring free or low cost internet to the entire world population. Does that make them the good guys?

Along with the empowerment of individuals there is always the possibility of serious abuse. I’m talking serious abuse! The average American is being constantly bombarded by commercials and other marketing techniques designed to sway the buyer. Let’s face it, ads work or else there wouldn’t be so many of them! When was the last time you watched ad free cable tv or surfed the internet or anything electronic without being bombarded by ads?

Why did the entire United States suddenly need to stop analog tv and be forced to change to digital programming? Do you remember the change over and how it all happened in less than a year whether we wanted it or not? One of the advantages of digital tv is its ability to be subliminally programmed. I’m not kidding about this. I’ve been trained as a hypnotist and know just how these things work. When is the last time you saw your children or relatives staring open mouthed and hypnotized by the tv? They are sitting there in front of the tv for hours and hours getting programmed subliminally. They have been for years.

This programming of the general public began during WWII as different types of propaganda was studied and used to encourage people to get behind the war effort. It started at Tavistock Institute. After the war it continued experimenting with social conditioning or the brain washing of the public. Today we call it narrative! In the early 60's popular comedies revolving around female stars like “I Love Lucy” almost single handedly brought about the women’s revolution! Sadly shows about personal heroism and valor like “Daniel Boone” and “Davey Crockett” which encouraged the best in people have been replaced with those whose subliminal message is: “Don”t do it yourself. Let the professionals do it.” Think of the popular murder shows where the forensic examiners are the heroes. How twisted is that?

Now back to the internet question. These same giant companies like Google and Comcast want free and open internet for everyone so we all can be constantly bombarded and brainwashed by ads! They want this for us 24 hours a day, even while we are sleeping! My next post will detail some of the ways the NSA, CIA and FBI are able to surveil us as shown through the WikiLeaks Vault 7 materials. Aren’t you tired of ads? Aren’t you tired of hearing the same songs, the same messages over and over and over and over? That is brainwashing! Do you like glazed eyes and a dull mind?

This is all part of the collective insectoid hive mind of the globalists. Everyone needs to be on the same page, think the same thoughts and have the same values. We’ve seen this in the social unrest since the presidential election. You are either one of us or you are a Nazi, homophobic xenophobe racist and woman hater! The point I’m making is that there is only one narrative and if you don’t like it, the entire weight of the collective Borg population moves against you. This is classic dualistic thinking. I’m a good friend and a bad enemy! How many times have we seen this in action?

Alternative media on the internet is being attacked and taken down. Search engines rank some sights lower than others or ban them completely simply based upon content. How can a website get readers when those readers don’t know it even exists? Try a little experiment comparing and! Google has the politically correct stuff and goodgopher simply lists sites without judging or ranking them.

Search engines can submit your content and when flagged they can shut down your servers and block your webpages entirely. This is even automated! There is some really scary stuff happening out there!

So I’m going on an adventure as a Rosicrucian Journalist looking at our modern world through the eyes of the western mystery traditions. I know that I am not politically correct and that sooner or later I will catch unwanted attention. What is the most important thing for my website? It can’t be on American soil subject to American laws and the surveillance of the NSA. I don’t want it to be blocked or messed with. Where should I go?

A little research shows that for me “” in Iceland is the perfect sanctuary for me and many others who truly care about these things. This hosting site is one of the best and doesn’t operate under United States or European laws. Iceland has make a mark for itself in today’s world as the defender of personal liberty and freedom on the web.

So I’ve got my new website and domain, “”. It’s not up and running yet but it will be. I have also enrolled in an affiliate program where I can make a commission if others go through my link to get one of their own. So check them out but please let me get my affiliate link up before you buy one of your own! Chuckle.

I’m still not sure what my new website will be like but in the meantime I will be posting on all my other sites trying to get as many followers as I can. I want to have a serious career as a freelance journalist. I think many people will enjoy the things I share from my own unique perspective as a Rosicrucian, the last Rosicrucian!

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