Lauren Modery

First we saved a ton of money, then we bought land in another state and after we moved we had a shed company build the shell of a tiny house for us. After a year of living in a 150 sq ft house we sold land and the tiny house. In addition to this post being funny as fuck it’s also asking the many questions that the tiny house community don’t address. I know experience tiny house tours differently. When we first moved into our tiny house I put a video of it on youtube, today it has 234,570 views and grows by 20K views a month. It dawned on me I needed to make a “real talk” video and have since made a video explaining why we sold our tiny house and land in order to pay rent again. Looking back I wish I would have put that money in an IRA or used it as a down payment for a real house.
Why we sold our tiny house:

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