2017 3rd place winner in Creative York adult short poetry competition. Elizabethan sonnet for the statue of the Marquis de Lafayette in front of the Golden Plough Tavern, York PA:

A man exists in quiet dignity

Who’s strong and sure, both fit and well-attired.

For him I hold a great affinity,

T’was once for George he broke a plot conspired.

Approachable — stiff drink within his hand,

Impervious to any liquored fall,

Complaints he’ll hear and softly understand…

Then keep silent — details he shan’t recall.

When once a rogue truck struck the Golden Plough

He did not flee to find a newer home.

All time and constant eye he’ll e’re endow

To his loved spot; never away to roam.

Protector of man’s civil liberty,

“The hero of two worlds” — his legacy.

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