Why I’m Returning to My Maiden Name
Emily LaFave Olson

What the two of you did with your middle and last names is an awesome idea! — that way the groom experiences change as well. And changing your name IS A BIG DEAL.

I didn’t realize how much my name was my identity until marrying husband number one. Busying myself with wedding planning afforded me the procrastination time I needed to ignore the whole name issue. But I knew I had a problem on the April 15th after our wedding, when my husband informed me that he had sent in our joint tax return listing me as having HIS last name. I blinked several times, announced that his last name wasn’t my last name, then complained that, um… I probably needed to sign the tax return as well. “Nah,” he said. “It’ll be okay.”

It of course was NOT okay, and the IRS contacted us to explain the situation ASAP! (Hubby number 1 also thought he could obtain our marriage license without my signature. That was probably a sign. So was the large tree that fell down, literally blocking the road I was driving on to get to the wedding. Signs, signs, everywhere a sign… )

I had to march down to the Social Security office and rectify the situation. So I decided to add his last name to my last name, with a hyphen in between. HOWEVER… I chose from that day forward to sign my married last name with a gigantic LOWER CASE first letter in protest to the whole situation.

After we divorced, switching back to my maiden name involved a lot, despite how easy everyone told me it would be. What I do know for sure though, is that I will never change my last name due to marriage again. Not for husband number 2 or husband number 22.