anarchyCNFT — art & anarchy oriented project on Cardano

anarchyCNFT is a project on Cardano blockchain (listed with many wonderful projects here). Starting with a collection of 600 NFTs, it aims to create a safe place for unconventional art in the Cardano NFT community. And support real-life causes while doing such.

anarchy CNFT NFT picture 14
anarchy14CNFT - “The Art of Destruction — power of the society to destroy itself is developed collectively every day.”

NFT and blockchain space is full of beautiful art. However, art can be much more than being beautiful. It is a powerful tool that can show us the beauty in the world, but also the dark side, and thus, the truth. A platform oriented on such art should allow anarchist and underground artists to onboard into the space, collaborate, and connect with the community to help make the world a better place, piece by piece.

NFTs already changed lives for many people buying and trading them, and some projects are raising over a million dollars in minutes. They are either collectibles, beautiful art, a cross of both, or even caricatures and parodies. However, cryptocurrency was an idea against the financial plus social norms and standards. There should be a space for views like this, and NFTs extensively allow it.

Behind anarchyCNFT is a software engineer with some artist background, passion for anarchy and breaking the social norms, who didn’t like all the cash-grabs coming out, so tried to steer the waters with anarchyCNFT.

The first collection consists of 600 NFTs, in 6 rarities, with 15 different graphics. This collection aims to fund a platform, pay for infrastructure, and further development not only for this drop but all platform drops going forward.

There are few points the platform is trying to tackle:

  • build a platform and a community around unconventional and anarchist art
  • create a safe space for artists to express themselves without hurting their brand
  • instead of taking a cut from an artist collection sales for profit, use a part as funding for real-life causes, predefined by an artist or a community (this could include, for example, funding for a street art festival and other art activities, a protest, standard or unconventional charities)

Let’s talk about the roadmap; it sounds vague. Are we really going to change the world with this little project?

anarchyCNFT web roadmap
anarchyCNFT roadmap on landing page

First of all, how do you change the world? The answer is probably the same as the answer to the question, “How do you eat an elephant?”. (“One bite at a time!”)

Initial NFT drop is helping to create a stable platform, where future running is supported only by donations (ideally from artists doing drops as anarchyCNFT won’t take a cut).

By not taking a cut from profits, we more allow artists to donate or support “their little bites” to change the world.

In the beginning, artists will get chosen in a centralized manner. However, community suggestions or connecting to artists are already desirable.

As soon as we have a self-living community, we can give voting rights to all anarchyCNFT NFTs. Holders will be able to vote for the next artist or/and donation specification.

Can anarchyCNFT get fully decentralized? For sure! When Cardano goes in Voltaire, not only ADA but all Cardano native tokens will get voting and treasury capabilities. In this stage, a new governance token can be created and airdropped to anarchyCNFT NFT holders.

Thank you for reading!

If you liked what you just read and would like to collaborate, let’s connect on Twitter or email!

The first collection is out at

Follow @anarchy_cnft on Twitter for future collections or announcements.

anarchyCNFT dev




art & anarchy project in Cardano NFT space

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anarchy CNFT

anarchy CNFT

art & anarchy project in Cardano NFT space

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