Limits to Smiling Abroad

“Excuse me, you just smiled at me, correct?”

“I believe I did, yes”

“Did it happen to mean anything, by chance”



“Hop into my spaceship coup, there’s only room for two…me and you”

Step one

Step three

Step back



“And with the top down, we’ll cruise around, land and make love on the moon”

Look up


Head roll


And she sees him staring directly at her

She immediately is aware of her


And what it is doing to this man who is staring

Directly at her


“Si musica”

She takes off her headphones to hear him better and he takes this as a friendly gesture of her letting him hear the sound that was hers

“ah muy bien”

Green light


Tuck in


But it stays out

She doesn’t want him to feel unwanted, ignored

She knows

That sometimes all someone needs is a


“I don’t want to be the one to alienate”

Step one

Step three

He is following me

The smile



Take her


Keep it safe

Turning to leave,

to go back into her sound

and her arm is grabbed back

“You, me, coffee?…..”



What did she do? She showed a stranger a few ounces of compassion. Allowed for two smiles to share some time with each other. Because that’s what you’re supposed to do in this world that is so often lacking oh so many ounces of compassion.

The moon,

She agrees with her

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