My Daily Podcast on Anchor

I really have no justification as to why this is the chosen picture for this article, other than it features my Blue Yeti microphone and things that make me… me.

Living abroad in a city that didn’t have that much to do, sorry Southampton…gave me a lot of time to question what would be the next steps of my career. Here’s what I knew:

I knew I wanted to become someone influential in the Marketing sphere in Portugal;

I knew I wanted to inspire people to unapologetically be themselves;

I knew I wanted to be heard and remembered;

I knew whatever I was doing at the moment wasn’t going to be enough.

My actions weren’t matching my goals, not enough. My friends didn’t care about my blog posts and I didn’t have a big following on Medium either.

On July 2017, while working on my Master thesis, I decided to create an Anchor station. If you don’t know about Anchor, I recommend you read this:

My station started of as a way to give my readers access to audio versions of my blog posts and to share with my friends the difficulties and funny stories of finding data for my thesis research project. I called it the “Survey Adventures” series. Somewhere along the way, it became more, and I wanted it to be more.

Although I loved writing and getting very carefully developed thoughts on a white sheet, podcasting on Anchor allowed me to share very personal details about myself and connect with strangers on a much deeper level by listening to their voice and actually seeing every single person who listens to my episodes (that’s right, Anchor let’s you do that).

Now, it’s time to bring The Ana Guerra Podcast to you, my Medium minions. Not just audio blog posts but the whole freaking deal. This is a chance to get to know me like never before and understand the exact challenges that inspire my written articles.

Medium, welcome to the ride 🚗

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