No… though it might hurt how she fell for every Hollywood archetype of man, (He was so tall and…
eliecer thoms

I find the term ‘loser’ inherently objectifying. It’s this idea that if men don’t live their lives in a certain way, according to this 1950s white collar, Stepford script, e.g get a job, house, car, and compete in the rat race, that they’re losers.

That’s just depressing. And yes I’ve dated some rather … unique … women in my time. Just because I didn’t agree with the way they wanted to live doesn’t make them ‘losers’. It’s such an inherently negative term; “If your priorities aren’t my priorities then you’re a failure”.

It’s the kind of accepted misandry that men don’t just live with everyday, but consumes the lives of men by the billions, trying to meet these imaginary expectations that we’ve been conditioned to meet, solely because it keeps a few select wealthy people (whom we’re taught to believe are winners) from having to do any work.

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