Inside Australia’s prison colony, where even children view death as their only hope
Ben Wolford

When you uncritically accept the stories told by people who have a vested interest in lying you get one sided stories like this. What the auther doesn’t talk about is the symbiotic relationship between illegal arrivals and the far-left: 
The far-left far overstate the problem to use as a political weapon against the previous sitting government in order to prevent cuts to darling instutions such as the ABC and in return the ABC, SBS and Guardian Australia publish uncritical — and nearly always unverified accounts about the plight of these people.

One wonders why the author does not recount the stories of rape, assault, murder, etc. amongst the inmates themselves?

Anyone with a critical eye can see the author is being intentionally emotionally manipulative. Of course in his eyes the ends justifies the means despite the fact that boat arrivals have almost entirely stopped under the current government — and under the previous Labor government boat arrivals soared.

Don’t want to end up on Nauru — don’t try and enter Australia illegally by boat. Problem solved.

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