I design white-label applications that are used by 10s and 100s of brands which results in a painstaking amount of time to deliver design deliverables to developers. Following are the ways I declutter and maintain design deliverables.

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Use Dropbox Shared Folder or Google Team Drive

I’m an engineer turned designer who loves to design products that are highly functional, usable and have, zero to the bare minimum learning curve for the end-users. The following are the mistakes I have committed and things learned in my year and half of experience as a designer.

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A Little About Me

Previously, I worked as a User Interface Designer at a startup called OutreachCircle which is a friend to friend outreach platform. Currently, I work as a UI/UX Designer at MatchMove Pay which offers Banking as a Service and has the adrenaline rush of a true startup.

Being in this startup culture, I learned many things and took up responsibilities which I wouldn’t have got if it wasn’t a startup. I’ll list out my mistakes and why one should not commit them.

#Mistake 01 — Reinventing the conventions

Smart Layout enables you to visualize different states or content within a single nested symbol and supercharges your existing design system by eliminating the need of having different nested symbols for each state by reusing them.

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Building a design system from scratch is a mammoth task but crucial to the design, to scale, and to ship quality products. Before Smart Layout coming into play, every layout has to be an individual nested symbol to achieve the expected results. Smart Layout resolves this and reduces the number of nested symbols in a design system to a greater extent.

Getting Started with Smart Layout

Using Smart Layout was pretty simple and straight forward. I tried creating a card with different layouts.


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