KENT Grand- a Brief Overview

With the increase in the number of people being affected by water-borne diseases, it has become necessary to install water purifiers at home. Most of the sources of water these days have become so polluted that it has started affecting the quality of drinking water. The increasing amount of water pollution has made it necessary to ensure that you use water purifiers that use advanced technology to remove the impurities from water. If you are looking for a water purifier that not only removes all the impurities but also has an elegant design, you can opt for KENT Grand+ water purifiers. We discuss some of the features of the water purifier that makes it ideal for your home. Read on.

Overview of the KENT Grand+

Here are the basic specifications of the KENT Grand+:

· Wall-mounted design

· 8 liters storage capacity

· 15 liters/hour purification capacity

· 75 liters/day is the maximum duty cycle

· Filter change and UV failure alarms

· Double purification by RO and UV, with a TDS controller

· 500 ppm TDS Levels

· Operates at a voltage of 24V DC

Made from food grade plastic, the KENT Grand+ comes with multiple purification membranes. The overall design of the RO system is rather interesting. The water purifier comes with a transparent cover which displays all the components present in the purifier and displays the cutting-edge technology used by the purifier.

KENT Grand+ has some notably advanced features, and is also highly affordable. The water purifier is quite economical taking into consideration the purification technology that is used. The purifier uses a double purification technology of RO + UV +UF with TDS Controller which proves to be very effective in removing chemical salts and dissolved impurities from drinking water. The in-built TDS controller in the water purifier helps in adjusting the TDS level of the purified water. The water purifier is suitable for purifying brackish, tap water and municipal water supply. Some of the other features of the purifier include pre-post carbon, alert alarms, automatic on and off.

Special Features of the KENT Grand+


The Grand+ uses a double purification method of RO + UV + UF, and comes installed with a TDS controller. The technology can be used to purify brackish, tap water and municipal water. The reverse osmosis process removes particles that are as small as ions from the water. The semi-permeable membrane helps in removing salts from portable or brackish water. During the UV process, the UV rays penetrate into the micro-organisms. The UV rays are absorbed by the DNA of the pathogen, which in turn affects the reproductive capacity of the pathogens. The TDS controller adds the necessary minerals to water, which are normally removed during the purification process.


Storage capacity is one of the essential factors that you need to consider when looking for a water purifier. One of the advantages of KENT Grand+ is it has a storage capacity of 8 liters. The storage capacity of the purifier enables you to get clean and safe drinking water even if there is no electricity.

Type of Water

The technologically advanced water purification system helps in purifying impurities from all kinds of water. Whether you need to purify water from bore-well water, overhead tanks or hard water, KENT Grand+ has got you covered.

Alarm Systems

The Grand+ RO system comes with UV and filter change alarms that notify when the purifier needs a filter change. If the water purifier is not changed within the next 60 hours, the purifier will stop functioning.


KENT Grand+ is completely automatic with an on-off feature that self-detects when the water needs to be purified and when it needs to stop. The system also has sensors for the RO membrane and the UV lamp, and if either of the two stops functioning, the purification process is also stopped.

Weighing the Positives and the Negatives


· Double purification, RO + UV + UF technology

· TDS controller to maintain level of minerals

· Works with any water source

· Sturdy and tamper proof build

· Storage capacity of 8 liters (helps during power cuts)

· UV and filter change alarms, with fail-safe mechanism

· Automatic on-off function

· Filter rate of 15 liters/hr.


Water wastage (even though it is much lesser than most purifiers of this range)

· Runs on electricity, no purification during a power cut


The number of features offered by KENT with its reverse osmosis water purifier, Grand+, like the Double Purification technology, 8 liter storage, automatic function, etc.; offer good value for money; making it the best water purifier for homes, in its price segment.

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