Real Time application using Laravel / Socket.IO / Redis

El Alami Anas
Mar 2 · 1 min read

The first issue i’ve faced is that to create real-time applications with laravel the most common tools is pusher and it’s expensive for a simple developer like me.

So like every developer we do search for opensource alternative, and the first thing that you could find is “Socket.IO” is a opensource library build on ExpressJS. “FEATURING THE FASTEST AND MOST RELIABLE REAL-TIME ENGINE” — website

So i’ve started testing a way to use Socket.IO along side Laravel, as a beginner i’ve encounter a lot of issues. but Laravel “Event” save my life also the easy implementation with “Redis” server

As first, i create a small test as always it didn’t work, but after small adjustments THE FIRST NOTIFICATION WORKS. i too was happy, that day i’ve done nothing.

Let’s start the real talk, first we need to set a NodeJS server file so we can run Socket.IO library and connect it to our Laravel Application.

then we need to add Socket.IO js Library to out Laravel application <script src =””>

and make sure that our Laravel Application is connected to Redis server, you can check to check how to configure it

So now you should be able you create Real-time application Using Laravel ❤

Thanks you for the reading my post =)

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