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Ideas in Antiquity

May 1, 2019

Final Exam

Question 5: To what extent may T’Challa (in Ryan Coogler’s The Black Panther) be considered a global leader according to the standard set by Cyrus in Xenophon’s Education of Cyrus?

Global leaders not only guide people they also guide and…

Week Fourteen: Conclusion

This week we will watch and discuss Ryan Coogler’s The Black Panther. Many, if not all, of the themes of leadership we have discussed in this course, can be discussed through this work.

Session One

Assignment: Watch The Black Panther on NetFlix or the like and answer the following questions:
1. Identify three…

Week Twelve: Searching for a place for outrage in the contemporary world

This week we will explore leadership in the most improbable of places, Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette, a one-hour NetFlix comedy special in which Gadsby wonders whether comedy is the best medium for delivering the messages that people need to hear.

Session One

Assignment: Watch Hannah Gadsby’s “Nanette” on Netflix and answer the following…

Session One

Assignment: Read Wells Essay/Pamphlet, Southern Horrors (linked here), and answer the following questions.

  1. What are Wells’ main arguments against the existing lynching laws?
  2. ​How is her essay structured?
  3. What is her call(s) to action? How are people to address this problem?
  4. How does Wells’ leadership approach compare and contrast to…

Session One



Assignment One:

Plutarch seems worried that readers won’t take his stories about women seriously. Why might that be? What does his concern tell us about prevailing ancient attitudes towards women in the public sphere?

Plutarch believes readers won’t take his stories about women seriously, because society has already…

Session One

Assignment One: Respond to this LEADERSHIP SCENARIO
You are a woman in a country that has been at war with a neighboring country on and off for twenty years. Your husband has already been killed in combat, and you are concerned that your eighteen-year-old son will be drafted soon. In both…

Session one

Assignment 1:

In the passage below Cyrus and Cambyses discuss the forms of leadership necessary for a successful military campaign. But to what extent are the lessons here relevant to the kind of multinational empire that Cyrus establishes back in the first chapter of the Education of Cyrus?

The lessons…

Anastasia Jackson

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