5 Webcomics to Read on Halloween

Anastasia Kizilo
Oct 25 · 6 min read
Meredith Moriarty twitter.com/meredith_draws

With Halloween just around the corner, I finally decided to get in the holiday spirit and compile a list of webcomics which, I think, are great to read on the spookiest night of them all. The order of webcomics in this list is random and doesn’t indicate my preference (in fact, I like all of them approximately the same). There will be different genres too: action, thriller, horror, and comedy. So without further ado

1. Third Shift Society (Action, Thriller)

Well, this was an easy choice, with one of the main characters having a pumpkin head…

Ellie is a young woman, who struggles with paying her bills, getting a job, and generally with being an adult. Until one day on her way back home she witnesses a man with a pumpkin head fighting with a hell hound and apparently losing. If I were to see something like that, I am pretty sure I would run for my life (after questioning my sanity). But what you should know about Ellie is that she is compassionate and, most importantly, a badass. So she doesn’t hesitate to attack the hell hound in her attempt to help the man. This is when she discovers she has psychic powers. The man with a pumpkin head turns out to be a paranormal investigator who offers Ellie a job as his partner. And so their adventures in the world of the supernatural begin.

This is a really enjoyable read. The stories are on the spooky side, but more exciting than scary. The characters are likeable. There is some mystery going on. Also, possibly romance in the future. The art is really nice, as you can see in the picture. Overall, this webcomic is a good choice if you want to relax in the evening.

You can read Third Shift Society on Webtoon online or on your phone through the Webtoon app.

Now let’s move from sheer entertainment to something more serious and dramatic.

2. Raining Knives (Psychological Thriller, Drama)

Mothtrap @ Webtoons.com

Dylan is haunted by the ghost of his twin brother he recently murdered and possibly by one more supernatural being. Or is he?

This is one of the stories where the less you know about the plot, the better. This webcomic makes you constantly question everything. It also makes you feel and breaks your heart over and over again. Raining Knives is one of the few comics that felt to me like reading a really good book. And the artwork there is great, with very creative transitions between panels and gorgeous colors.

You can read Raining Knives online on Webtoon and on Tapas or on your phone through Webtoon or Tapas app.

Now, what Halloween would it be without horrors?

3. Melvina’s Therapy (Horror)


Welcome to Melvina’s therapy where you will be forced to confront your fears, face your past, get to know your true self, and understand the meaning of that one weird nightmare that keeps waking you up in the middle of the night. Whether at the end you will be glad you ever started the therapy is another question.

To me, Melvina’s Therapy is so far the scariest horror I have ever read in the comic format. But scary is not everything there is to it; this webcomic is also sophisticated. It consists of short self-contained story arcs with the story of Melvina being slowly revealed throughout all of them. Each story arc is a mystery, and you need to be attentive to details, hints, and symbolism (there is a lot of symbolism) to solve it. In this regard, this webcomic reminds me a bit of David Lynch films. And, as with Lynch, it is quite possible that by the end of a story arc you would still feel like you don’t completely understand everything. Not to worry though: the author provides explanations at the end of each arc. He also reveals all the references to classic horror films, video games, and other gems of the genre he made in the arc. The explanation episodes are a fun way to check how many things you got right. Finally, the art. I personally consider the art in Melvina’s Therapy to be the best I’ve seen in a webcomic. It is very detailed and realistic, which makes the horror so much more impactful. It is also black-and-white.

Warning: Melvina’s Therapy contains very graphic depictions of violence and gore. Also, body horror. Viewer discretion is advised.

You can read Melvina’s Therapy on Webtoon online or on your phone through the Webtoon app.

It’s Halloween, so we need more horrors.

4. Witch Creek Road (Horror)

Kenan Halilovic Art @ Facebook

A group of high school students decides to have a party in the woods, but accidentally takes a wrong turn and encounters malevolent supernatural beings (the three hot ladies in leather and blood in the picture). Massacre ensues. Sounds familiar?

Well, don’t be too fast to dismiss Witch Creek Road as another cheesy horror. It is not as simple as it seems. You will need to pay close attention to keep up with what’s really going on in the story. So it will engage you intellectually, as well as viscerally. In its essence, Witch Creek Road is a very Lovecraftian horror. It also reminds me of The Cabin in the Woods because of its tendency to take a cliched premise and completely twist it and because of its dark humor. I should also add that the art is pretty great.

Warning: Witch Creek Road contains very graphic depictions of violence and gore. Also, body horror. Viewer discretion is advised.

You can read Witch Creek Road on Webtoon online or on your phone through the Webtoon app.

And to lighten up the mood a bit after all the horrors and drama, let’s end with a comedy.

5. Cursed Princess Club (Comedy)


Meet sweet Gwendolyn, the youngest princess of the Pastel kingdom. As you may have noticed, she doesn’t really look like your typical Disney princess. Gwendolyn also doesn’t have a beautiful signing voice, and the only cute critters she befriends are giant scary rodents. Yet, she has a heart of gold and is one of the nicest people ever. With her looks, Gwendolyn expectedly has problems fitting in. That is, until she meets the Cursed Princess Club.

This webcomic is comedy gold. It also likes to twist fairytale tropes and flip readers’ expectations. And of course it features a host of cursed princesses, witches, and other Halloween-appropriate characters. As a bonus, the author composes background music for each episode which fits perfectly. The art style is somewhat simplistic, but it works really well for this story.

You can read Cursed Princess Club on Webtoon online or on your phone through the Webtoon app.

Hope you found some title that caught your interest in this list and will enjoy it as much as I did. Happy Halloween!

Anastasia Kizilo

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I am a freelance writer. You can contact me at anastasia.kizilo@gmail.com

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