Everyone faced the dilemma of what app you should develop next to make progress in learning React. The project must be complex enough to make you think and google, but not too hard so you don’t feel overwhelming. And you are looking for a great article where you can find a brilliant idea for your next project that just fits your skills.

Well… If it looks familiar, then that article can’t help you=)

This article doesn’t offer you to learn new skills, practice design, research new ways to provide great user experience, or something else… It’s about the challenge!

The ideas in the article are supposed to push you beyond your limits, to force you to think furiously, to blow your mind with problems you are going to face. And much…

Speaking about frameworks for making web applications, we must consider worldwide known Angular, which goes in two different versions — Angular or AngularJS.

AngularJS was built in 2009 and using it will show you, how data changes in JavaScript can automatically be shown on the UI. AngularJS also makes it possible to create reusable and separated code. Angular 4 was created in 2016, the coding became faster, so their developers decided to build a new framework, which was based on TypeScript and has standard directives, used differently.

This review will show you the best Angular based admin templates on the market and their main features and characteristics. …

While I was working on our AI case study it just popped into my head that
AI is a major factor of success for business nowadays. I did some research and found out that approximately 85% of all the customer interactions to be handled without humans by 2020. It’s a huge milestone and I was impressed because there are only two years left. Despite possible bias, the information is profoundly interesting and thought-provoking.

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Robotics and AI — is a whole field of science that will soon serve as an extension to automation that already exists in a workplace. Evolution in IT created CRM, search engines, responsive websites, apps, social media, and many others. Business applications like Salesforce, G Suite and WorkDay have helped save precious time for workers to become more productive, creative, and focus on ingenious and skillful activities. For example, cognitive analytics software can extract content, embed it into semantic models, evaluate hypotheses, and interpret evidence, provide potential insights — and then continuously improve them. …

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