Why & How to Clarify Your Purpose in Life to Make a Career Change.

Learn the science-proven benefits of living with purpose & answer these 6 questions to get started.

Anastasia Tripolskaya is thinking about purpose and holding her arms at her heart. Golden sunlight is radiating around her.
“Find purpose, the means will follow.” Mahatma Gandhi. Photo of Anastasia Tripolskaya by Monika Broz.

Most I spoke with didn’t enjoy their jobs, didn’t feel passionate, and didn’t associate it with their purpose in life. Now they had kids, debt, and other obligations and significant professional changes seemed nearly impossible.

Why is living with a purpose so important, after all?

These findings suggest that a purpose in life increases lifespan, resilience, DNA repair, antibody production, sleep and diet improvement, and income. Living with purpose also decreases the likelihood of depression, job burnout, cognitive conflict, fear response, stroke, heart attack, and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Living with purpose gives us a stronger sense of fulfillment, meaning, and inspiration in life. It also means stronger perseverance and lower chances of giving up during the toughest times.

Fireworks are seen in the dark both through the camera lens held by someone and without it. Purpose inspires and pulls you.
Photo by Adam Birkett on Unsplash

How to clarify your life purpose?



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Anastasia Tripolskaya

Creator of "Find Your Life's Work". Career Clarity, Life Purpose & Business Coach. Left Fortune 500 Consulting @Deloitte to pursue my calling. Tripolskaya.com