Illogical Argument

Downloading books should be banished.

Unfortunately, libraries are becoming useless nowadays, because a huge number of books kept there is available for free downloading. It can’t go on like that. Just think of all librarians who are going to be unemployed. Soon they won’t have a chance to use their rich knowledge and be paid for that.

By the way, reading REAL books is much more healthy than those on the screen. Staring at the screen for hours of reading will ruin your eyesight, be sure.

If people keep on ignoring printed books for the sake of electronic ones what will become of our culture? Will it turn out that all the fantastic talent and painstaking labor of great writers is of no use? They have spent years working on their masterpieces and now you can just steal those books. It means you don’t respect them at all, they are simply nothing for you.

Moreover, soon people will stop visiting movie theaters and galleries, because any piece of art is available for downloading and you can see it on the screen of your gadget. But is it quite the same as if you saw the original? Are we civilized people who are able to appreciate culture and art and are ready to sacrifice some time and money for that or are we slaves to new technologies?

The conclusion is that people today have no respect for artists.


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