Why You’re A Failure

And how stupidity can make you a success

Do you ever look at idiots, untalented frauds, or just plain assholes, and wonder how the hell they became so successful?

Do you think, “I could do that better” on a daily basis?

If you clicked on this article, maybe it’s because you’re not achieving what you want and that frustrates you. You know you have something of value to offer.

So why aren’t you hugely successful yet?

If you’re like me, it’s probably one or all of the reasons below:

You picture your goal — writer, artist, entrepreneur, inventor— but you see all the hurdles and barriers to achieving it. So you never try.

You work and work but see a thousand mistakes and imperfections. So you never let anyone see it.

You enjoy a minor success with a long-laboured project but don’t want to brag about it. So you never tell anyone.

And so the truly talented artists, sheer geniuses and innovators that we need are defeated by their own brilliance. Tragic.

Here’s the thing:

A less intelligent person won’t see hurdles. A less talented person won’t see imperfections. And, actually, they’re smarter than most of us if they’re not afraid to brag.

Our brains have evolved to perceive risks well in advance. When we shared territories with deadly predators, this was extremely useful. But we don’t hunt anymore — we work and build careers to support ourselves. Our Stone Age brain is still flagging dangers to us and it makes us nervous to move forward.

People with lower IQs are often less risk-averse, because their ability to perceive risk is also lower. An interesting argument here would be who is actually better adapted for this safe, modern world we live in now, but that’s another post for someone much more qualified than I.

If less intelligent people see less risks, they see only opportunity. And if less talented people have lesser taste, they see less imperfections.

So it’s often their work that gets out into the world and it’s they who are celebrated for their achievements.

I wholeheartedly believe that true talent will out in the end, but not before hundreds are scared away from their dreams. Having brains, talent and stamina aren’t enough; you need courage as well.

Know the phrase “Brave or stupid?”

We all hope to be brave, but if you can’t…

Be stupid instead.

Turn a blind eye to the hurdles and just go for it. Reject perfection and love your work for what it is. Switch-off your social skills and tell everyone and their dog about your work.

I bet it makes you feel a little braver. And I bet it leads you to success.

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