Switzerland, a Powerhouse in the Longevity Industry

Longevity Ecosystem in Switzerland

Longevity in Switzerland: Key Findings

Distribution of Swiss Longevity Companies by Sub Sector
Top 5 Investment Deals to Watch in Swiss Longevity Industry

Swiss Longevity Valley

Swiss BioTech Clusters and Hubs
Three Pillars of Swiss Longevity Valley
  • Longevity Financial Hub. The main objective of Longevity Financial Hub is to develop strong global connections, focus on the economy’s needs, and serve as an international financial platform for particular regions and the global economy. Progressive asset management firms, investment banks, pension funds, and insurance companies based in Longevity Financial Hubs will develop new business models using AI to improve the quality of analytics.
  • Longevity Technology Hub. Every industry requires an innovative out-of-border approach that can be accelerated by intense R&D. Close collaboration between academic and industrial representatives of the BioTech community may create an auspicious ecosystem. In such an environment, high-tech start-ups rise and attract new investments and talents, daring to find solutions to the most difficult ageing-related issues of modernity;
  • Longevity Policy and Government Hub. Additional efforts are needed to further develop the industry’s existing strengths, including government support for R&D and other stakeholders in the Longevity Industry. Ageing proliferation as a growing problem is turning into an opportunity for governments to develop progressive policies for the pension system, an ecosystem of insurance companies, and a national strategy for intensive healthcare system development.
Deep Knowledge Group’s Swiss Longevity Valley Concept




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