This essay is an ode to love, learning, and pronoia. Pronoia is the belief that the universe is conspiring in our favor at all times, the opposite of paranoia. When viewed through the lens of pronoia, our lives become a constant stream of opportunities to discover ourselves, those we love, and our greatest potential. Once we accept this, our capacity to love is only limited by our ability to learn.

I became single for the first time in my adult life two years ago this week. I felt anxious to date at the time and confused about how to approach…

In my experience with meditation, I have always struggled with consistency rather than interest or technique. Soon after I initiated a meditation practice, I recognized the positive impact on my focus and creativity and discovered how these techniques could help combat anxious thoughts. Yet despite these remarkable benefits, I would still find myself skipping days of practice on occasion and short-changing my own wellbeing.

This past week, I completed level 1 of the Journey method meditation teacher training program. It was an amazing opportunity to deepen my own practice, as well as to begin learning how I can formally share…

There’s a new kind of man out there: the Spiritual New Age Guy, aka SNAG. The SNAG is sometimes defined as the Sensitive New Aged Guy, but spirituality is the new sensitivity in 2016, just like man buns are the new kanji tats. Maybe you’ve dated one, or perhaps just crossed energy paths, never realizing all that’s behind his bindi.

Inward looking SNAG in downward facing dog. (Photo by Luna Vandoorne, Shutterstock)

The SNAG is a distinct breed and he requires special handling in any domestication attempt. So fellow social anthropologist, Adam Devine, and I put together this ten-point checklist to vet a guy’s SNAG status. I hope this list will blaze…

“How are you?” they ask. “Oh, I’m fine,” you might reply. But really, you are not. Maybe the truth looks like this:

I was laid off.

I have cancer.

I am getting divorced.

I don’t have the money.

I drink too much and I don’t know why.

I am estranged from my family.

I was abused.

I am sad.

I visited an artist named Robbi Firestone in Santa Fe this week. She very candidly shared with me her story of infertility, which she is now sharing with the world through a moving installation entitled The Empty Womb. Firestone recalled to…

On February 6th, I attended a course entitled “Corporate Wellbeing and the Soul of Leadership” for which I had also served as a strategy and marketing advisor. It was led by Danielle Posa, a leadership and wellbeing expert, and Deepak Chopra, who at one point outlined the nine qualities he believes define a great leader.

I was struck that Deepak’s description of great leadership, expressed using terms from the ancient spiritual traditions, perfectly aligned with the success insights conveyed by many well-known entrepreneurs and business executives.

In this post, I will recount Deepak’s sentiments and cite examples of business leaders…

Set Goals and Make Resolutions, but Strive for Self-Compassion to Achieve Them

On my first day of 2016, in the wake of a New Year’s Eve celebration, I failed to complete most of the daily self-care practices I adopted in 2015. …

I asked my mother a few years ago what day in her life she considered to be the most important in hindsight. She answered, “I don’t know. The day I didn’t get hit by a bus?”. She was kidding and poking fun at the earnest, somewhat grandiose nature of my question. I recalled this moment when directly after Thanksgiving this year I briefly brushed up against a different kind of loss: my coat and handbag disappeared from a bar and were missing for nearly a day. What I believed to be theft turned out to be a gesture of consideration…

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