Exercise 6.2

City Council Meeting

The City Council met Tuesday night to discuss three important changes being done in the community that would effect its physical and economic state.

When Mayor Ray Sedecki brought the council to order, the first item of business stemmed from a zoning controversy. Bobby Thompson, chairman of the Zoning Commission, proposed to have a local cemetery relocated. The purpose of the relocation was to build a supermarket.

Walt Dropo, president of Forbes Street Residents Association, expressed his concern by reminding the community of its historical value. “That cemetery has some of the oldest graves in the city in it-some of those people helped found this city,” Dropo said, “I can promise you that we will mount a campaign to recall any council member who votes for this thing.”

The council voted 5–2 against the rezoning petition and moved on to the next item of business.

Councilwoman Wilma Rudolph proposed a one-cent sales tax that would raise $400,000 for the city in the next year. The tax would prevent the city from laying off workers. Joe Black, city treasurer, claimed that it would “only cost the average family in the city about $75 a year.”

The council voted 5–2 in favor of the tax, although Mayor Sadecki proposed to cut back on the current budget instead.

The final item of business was a proposal from councilman Mazeroski to license morticians in the city. His proposal would assess an annual license fee of $150.

The city attorney questioned if the state gives the city the power to do so. The council disregarded an answer and passed the fee proposal 6–1 after which the meeting was adjourned.

Lead Sentence 1: The City Council met Tuesday night to discuss a controversy that stemmed from a proposal to relocate the cemetery on Forbes Street.

Lead Sentence 2: The City Council met Tuesday night to discuss a one-cent sales tax increase that would raise $400,000 for the city.

Lead Sentence 3: The City Council met Tuesday night to discuss a bill to license morticians for an annual $150 fee per mortuary.

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