”North” a film by Rob Reiner, 1994

A summary of the plot

This film is about relationship between 2 generations, parents and children. In the center of the story there is a main character, a whiz-kid North, who is disappointed with the fact that he is becoming less successful because everyone in the area except his parents admires North as an ideal child. And after several tries of attracting mothers and fathers attention our hero decided to find new home and new parents who will value such son deservedly. North’s best friend, sixth great boy Winchel, and his lower Arthur Belt are helping to crank out this idea. But longer North travels around the world from one family to another from Texas to France, the more he realize that there is no better family for him than his original is. However, North’s way home is becoming more difficult when Winchel finds out that his brilliant plan of parent’s enslavement is going to ruin. Little evil genius is doing everything to prevent the reunion of North’s family and even trying to kill his friend! Of course this exiting story is just a dream, result of disappointment and North wake up alive and healthy. Thou that unbelievable chaos was only North’s nightmare, our hero understood the value of his family as there is no place like home.

My analysis of and impressions from the film

“North” is a really very good, funny movie with an unusual story, great cast and a lot of useful morals both for parents and children. And as for me, the best proverb for it is “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” as it concerns actions and behavior of two generations. On the one hand there is a parent, who should love and teach his child and not compare him with other kids like many parents from the film. They said to their kids that someone is better than they are, but every child is a unique person with his own feelings and thoughts.

And on the other, there is a child, who should not only demand something from his parents. He should listen to them, feel them and understand their difficulties and problems at work or at home. The main character could not see the situation from such point of view, North thought that it was his parent’s fault and it will never happen with another parents if he will change his family.

To summ up, all this thoughtful actions can lead to misunderstanding and conflicts in family like in the movie. So let’s listen, understand and appreciate members of our families because there is no place like home.

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