Time to change

Hello, dear blog! Long time no see, but I finally came back after my summer vacation! It’s not that I’m very happy about that, but still it’s time to start my second year in College, my Sophomore year! Yay! But before I start listing all the plans and goals I set for an upcoming year, let me say a few words about my awesome summer adventures.

Well, this vacation was full of unforgettable trips, new meetings and cultural enrichment. Almost right after our Finals I went on a trip to a tiny African country called Tunisia. It’s an amazing land with interesting history, magnificent culture and picturesque landscapes. And the most beautiful city of Tunisia is Sidi bou Said, which is called the town of white and blue colors.

Right after my trip to Africa I went to Germany and took part in a volunteering program in a small town near Dresden, Annaberg Buchholz. According to this volunteering project our group was to help local farm to collect the grass on the fields, which are located on the high of 500 meters! It was a great experience for me both on the language side and on the working side. Moreover, I met a lot of new people from all around the world and with some of them we became really good friends!

Yes, this summer was full of excitement, but I hope that my Sophomore year won’t be less interesting! So, these are my plans for my second year in college:

  • My first and the most important goal for this year is to do my best in learning Spanish and I hope to speak it fluently till the end of this academic year!
  • Secondly, I really want to improve my English. Of course I’m already good at it, but still not perfect, so I’ll work my fingers to the bone to reach this goal.
  • And the last thing in my plan is to visit the USA this year, so I want to to try take part in the Work and Travel project this summer.

And I have chosen this picture of a person doing a mountain climbing because I see a kind of a metaphor in it. This year I’ll be like this climber, do my best to reach the top, reach all the goals I want.

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