Warsaw, Prague, Vienna — A gallop across Europe

Dear group 103b,
I’m so glad to come back to my motherland, to my home town and to You, guys! I’ve got a lot of impressions, new emotions and incredible things to tell You as I spent a great time in Europe with my dance team!

To start with, we got the 1st place in dance festival in Prague! Yay us! It was the main goal for us to win this competition and we’ve done it! Well, to be honest, I had no doubt about it, but though we were worried very much. And despite of some technical defects we did our best, won the 1st place for our fantastic choreographer and reached the final, which will be held in Saint Petersburg next year! pic

Fortunately, our festival lasted only one day of the tour and we had five more days to enjoy three European countries and their capitals! First of all we visited Poland, a country of deep lakes, bustling rivers, high mountains, wonderful castles and small ancient streets of Old Town of Warsaw.

And, as we had a bus tour, we were able to enjoy all beautiful views of cute polish villages too.

The second European country we visited was Czech Republic with the capital in Prague. As for me, it was the most impressive country in a whole trip as we spent 3 days there and searched at least all Prague far and wide. We were walking along and under The Charles Bridge, tried to take a full length picture of St. Vitus Cathedral, tasted a traditional Czech dish knuckle and a huge mug of real Czech beer, floated on a yacht on the Vltava River along the streets of Night Prague, had some shopping time in local shopping mall and I even tried to fly downstairs in that shopping center and got 5 bruises as souvenirs! In short, we made a lot of nice and funny memories about our days in a fabulous Prague.

The last country of our tour was Austria and we visited the most beautiful town of Europe Vienna, where we learned that “There is no kangaroo in Austria!” It is the most common joke about tourists there! Of course in fact we learned a lot about history of this country since antiquity till our times and even saw a place, where Austrian nation belonged to fascism community! It was a real cultural shock for me to see all chic and charm of life in Vienna, perfectly clean streets, extra polite people and too expensive taxies like Mercedes and Audi. But the culmination of that excursion was the St. Stephen’s Cathedral: at first sight you fall in love in that gothic style of this sightseen! But when we climbed to the top (700m) of the highest tower of that Cathedral, we saw a breathtaking view to night Vienna, which made us forget about everything in the whole world! It is the most impressive memory of my life!

All in all, I wanted to say that it was unforgettable trip for all of us. We met a lot of new people, learned a lot about different cultures and nations, practiced our English and had a GREAT time together! And now my dream is to go back to Europe again to visit other countries and finish my travel map!

P.S. I missed You, guys, very much! I wish You were with me, because there was too much situations, where we could laugh at our jokes, remember our cool stories and just enjoy communication with foreigners! And I hope that we will go to English-speaking country soon all together! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN EUROPE, MY 103B!!!

P. S. More photos you can find in my Instagram page anastasiacherkashik