I want to become a digital marketer…how?

You have been working in your company for more than 5 years and everything was fine… From time to time you were checking what your colleagues in digital marketing were doing and somehow you got very interested in it. You checked some articles, blogs, websites…And after long nights of thinking and researching, you finally decide to switch. You want to do digital marketing. Great news! But there is only one problem. You have 0 experience and lack of knowledge in digital marketing. So, what should you do?

I am ready to start learning, but where?

There is no problem if you have no experience, luckily, today you can become an expert in almost everything online. And, no surprise, you can learn how to become a digital marketer. You, basically, have two options. First — you do it all by yourself. There are lots of free articles and blogs on digital marketing online (for example, check out Moz blog — amazingly interesting and free to deep dive into mainly SEO and other online marketing topics). Though sometimes it can be time-consuming, as you need to make up a puzzle by yourself while collecting different pieces on various sources. Well, that was the case for me, so I decided to sign up for a digital marketing online degree (your second option) that will provide with rich content on related to digital marketing activities.

I currently follow Digital Marketing Nanodegree Program at Udacity and will recommend it to anybody who is also interested to learn about Digital Marketing: well-structured content with some cases and real life projects to do throughout the degree. You also get to connect with your peer students and to exchange on any related topic with them, really nice!

So, go ahead, chase your new digital passion and see you online ;)