An Honest Review Of Blockchain Whispers Crypto Signals (By A Long-Time Follower)

Tom Harold
Oct 14, 2018 · 13 min read

I’ve been around crypto for a while now and I’ve always been wary of the self-proclaimed twitter prophets and telegram channels that are giving signals.

However, I stumbled across a Telegram channel in January, called Blockchain Whispers, which had an unusual style of communicating, however, I did notice they were the first to tell people to sell Bitcoin at nearly at the height in January, when every other crypto group was still saying it would go up.

At the time I joined they had an astonishing accuracy rate of 23/24 on their calls for a total profit of 3594%.. That’s a 96% accuracy, and that’s incredible as I’ve always figured anything above 75% is great!

(I would like to mention that the 1 failed signal had a stop loss so the group ended up losing only 10%)

When on February 1st everyone was bullish on Bitcoin again, including myself, and all channels calling to pick up on altcoins again this happened:

The Blockchain Whispers telegram channel announced that Bitcoin was going to drop and advising everyone to sell all holdings into USD/USDT. My amazement was big. I couldn’t believe it to be honest and expected this call to be an epic failure.

The call was just ridiculous — Bitcoin now being around $10,000 was supposed to drop to $7900.

Even after showing incredible accuracy, myself and other members in the Telegram group chat called this prediction insane.


A day later the price of Bitcoin actually started to drop. It dropped almost 25% to the levels where Blockchain Whispers said it would go to. I didn’t listen and lost a lot of value, however other members in the free chat did listen and the administrator just managed to save them from major losses. I believe this was the moment where I was convinced that this group with their incredible team actually knows what they are doing.

After these successes and that incredible Bitcoin prediction, the fee for premium membership started to rise. The free channel gained an immense amount of members because the word was spreading. I figured premiums must really get their value considering they were willing to pay higher prices even.

If only I had joined their Premium group at this point. But like I said, I’m very wary and even after seeing these successes and that Bitcoin prediction I still wasn’t quite ready to join Premium yet.

The members were starting to notice that this Free channel wasn’t only giving them profits, but saving them from losses as well.

In these very bearish times for Bitcoin the team started educating their members on how to successfully “short” Bitcoin as well, as this was a means to gain profit by betting on the price going down.

This is a method very experienced pro-traders use to be successful even when the market is going down.

The admin of the group presented his team to the members and their skills as well. It turned out a pro-trader who had over 10 years experience in the financial world was part of the team as well. At that point there was a long video posted where he explained the next price predictions for Bitcoin and the reasoning behind it. The team also has an amazing fundamental analyst that recently in May 2018 predicted that ZRX would be listed on Coinbase.

I was impressed with the level of standard they were providing in Blockchain Whispers.

Then they announced Zilliqa

Now Zilliqa was a coin that I had already researched myself spending a lot of time on it and after thorough research I had loaded up on this particular coin.

In early February the Blockchain Whispers Free channel posted incredible informative research on Zilliqa. It included fundamental analysis and technical analysis provided by the team. I was amazed actually that they had found even more on the coin then I myself did. They even predicted that Zilliqa would be listed on Binance a little while later. (This was a bit hard to swallow as I figured how could anyone possibly know up front.) As you might have expected by now exactly a day after the listing announcement, Binance officially announced the listing of Zilliqa on their website on March 5th.

Where was this info coming from?

I mean let’s take a look at this incredible info in February. On February 15th the Blockchain Whispers channel provided this info for their FREE members. The admin and his team announced that XEM would be listed on Binance soon. If you check the Binance website you can see that XEM was listed on March 20th. I mean that’s MORE THAN 1 MONTH upfront.

They made the same claim for SYS coin on the same day as they provided info on XEM. That it would be listed on Binance as well. Binance actually listed it on March 28th. All there for you to check on the website and on the Binance website.

Almost a month and a half AFTER all the FREE members of Blockchain Whispers received the info.

Everyone began to realize that this channel was having an extra insider info edge, not only an incredible team with analysts and traders.

At this point I noticed the calls they had given on altcoins were amazingly accurate and with quite some gains. They had a good track record so far and so then they published a book, Blockchain Decrypted 2018.

On February 17th, the book was gifted to all members following Blockchain Whispers.

It was presented as a gift and there were hints dropped. The members' group went wild knowing this must be something good that they will be delivering. However we didn’t know it was a book until it was finally published on Amazon.

“Blockchain Decrypted For 2018 — How To Profit With Crypto Currencies, Bitcoin, Coins And Altcoins This Year” was written especially for all the free members of Blockchain Whispers. It was downloadable from Amazon for just $3 dollars and after a day it was gifted to everyone in the Telegram channel as a FREE gift.

“Crypto is the future, and this book shows it! This book is written by a great guy who knows more than 99% of these “crypto gurus”, and has successfully lead thousands of people in education and profit.”

- Matt Pon February 17, 2018, Amazon review

The book was an easy short read, but provided value to me as how to deal with crypto in 2018 and gave me several strategies to not lose money. It was a book that was perfect for beginners and the more experienced crypto traders.

“This quick read is easily worth over 100 BTC. There are a few key points which, depending on your investment style will easily help you make BTC, hand over fist in 2018”
— Ian Pena, February 17th, 2018, Amazon Review

In line with the book the admin wrote and giving it away for free, the channel from Blockchain Whispers often contains very valuable information and insights into the crypto world. The members of the FREE Channel learned a lot from these posts and still continue to do so.

The level of caring and finding it important to educate the members of his group never ceases to amaze me.

Now in the book there was a suggestion made for a couple coins but one of them really attracted my attention. It was THETA.

I researched it and liked what I saw so I decided to invest.
At this time Theta was quite unknown and I ended up buying for around 1250 sats. I held it and in the altrun in May I sold it for 3600 sats. I mean that’s nearly 300% for doing NOTHING.

Image for post
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Blockchain Whispers signalled THETA in their book, making followers almost 300% profit

This was only a part of what they’ve announced until now.

Because a couple days later after announcing Theta, Blockchain Whispers free channel called another altcoin. Pundi X. Now I had never heard of it before and it was only available on a small exchange.

The call was given on February 24th 2018 to buy Pundi X and hold it, on June 17th Blockchain Whispers finally announced to sell all holdings on Pundi X, now just have a look at the chart for Pundi X. I had bought it even before it was listed on coinmarketcap.

Image for post
Image for post
A famous NPXS call that made over 20x the investment by Blockchain Whispers

At first it dipped and I became stressed out because this was not how it was supposed to go, however after encouragement from the owner I decided to hold as he promised at least x5 by summer. Imagine my amazement when it did 2000% by June. (Yes, no typo I actually turned my $1000 dollars into $20,000) I can tell you I partied hard that day and looked forward to any other call they would announce.

I was still following the Free group though and started to make profits by following their free calls, but then I noticed where other Telegram channels were simply stating buy prices and targets this channel did something else as well.

The free Blockchain Whispers group started educating me on crypto as well.

There were articles posted on fundamental news topics on cryptocurrencies and how the world could perceive these types of news. For example he recently posted an article on his website to explain how Bitcoin right now is still very undervalued and that only a small percentage of people are holding it right now. He talks about the expected institutions entering the market upon Bakkt and ETF approvals meaning it would gain incredibly in value.

Now the administrator has been posting these articles all along together with major cryptocurrency news since the beginning.

In the morning where I usually read the newspaper I started reading the channel and the articles realizing it was giving me an edge in understanding the market.

I found myself in a FREE channel, giving me profits with calls but also making me smarter and more educated. You can imagine my excitement when he started posting lessons on technical analyses as well. Currently there are a couple of video’s online for education purposes made by Blockchain Whispers and they’ve helped me understand what I’m doing in a way I could have never dreamed of. I’m anxiously waiting right now for more lessons to be published.

Now the thing that a lot of cryptocurrency traders face:

Short-term trades are all fun and game, but what if you don’t have time to sit behind your computer all day and check charts and signals?

Because this was a problem I started to experience.

A lot of us are busy people, with regular jobs, hobbies and a social life. I don’t have time to watch every movement in the market the entire day. Luckily that’s something that Blockchain Whispers have thought about. I mean they do give short term signals for quick profits but often they announce long term signals as well that will make you 50%, 100% 400% or even 2000% like Pundi X.

To give you some examples of other trades that went really well by holding it for a longer time frame:

ONT was signaled on March 29th

This was a premium pick. Yes by then I had become convinced and joined premium. Best investment ever.

To give you an example of how well it did:
I bought it at $ 1,49 and sold it for $10. That’s nearly 850% profit and again for just holding.

Image for post
Image for post
ONT did nearly 850% profit from the time it was signalled by Blockchain Whispers to the all time high (the members started selling at around 200% profit upwards with no strictly defined target)

Another one is BLZ signaled on March 12th this year.

I bought at $ 0,25 and I sold it for $ 0,55 because I was a little impatient. I could have sold it at $0,75 if I had waited just a little bit longer
But still you have to admit that more than 200% profit isn’t bad at all.

Image for post
Image for post
More than double the investment on BLZ call

A constantly evolving group

The days were slowly passing and I started to realize how valuable Blockchain Whispers’s signal group really is… Definitely much more than it was priced at that time, and not long after, the Blockchain Whispers’s premium signal membership increased. New price for one month now became 0.147 BTC!

The admin of the group even when things go south, when people whom he trusted break their promises and basically stab him in the back, never stops fighting and trying to find the best analyst to make his members the happiest members ever. There were a lot of analysts that over time got greedy and disloyal, or that simply started scamming people when the usual job became too boring for them.

Also the recent alt purge made it really hard to earn profits with altcoins. So he adapted and created a new strategy.

As he didn’t have any other option than start it all over again. I’ve honestly never seen a more persistent person than their admin.

I remember, at one time, they brought on board the number 1 technical analysts on the popular Tradingview as their advisor! They had some famous Twitter analysts in their team too, but they didn’t realize that a huge, Telegram group with super strong buying power is like a million subscribers on Twitter. I think they didn’t know how to bear with all that and then D Man continued his search.

Even in the hardest times, I never lost faith in Blockchain Whispers channel because I knew I was in good hands. I felt that from the beginning. The admin of the group really wanted something better as he knew all previous talents were not on the level he wants them to be.

Luckily, as after the rain always comes the sun, he, after many struggles, successfully formed one unbeatable team of analysts exclusively for Blockchain Whispers.

The team now exists of 2 Bitmex Leaderboard traders, Sicario and HellFire, an amazing Fundamental analyst Mr. Y. (yes the one who predicted ZRX to be listed on Coinbase), Hedgefund trader Cartel S, an amazing Bitcoin trader Cartel H, technical analyst Miss J, and of course the D Man himself.

You see even after having to start from zero back, he managed to get an incredible team together and provide us with amazing results.

Now, the question you all probably want to know about the most — what is the Blockchain Whisper’s premium signals group like?

I can contently say that I’ve now been part of the paid Premium group for approximately 7 months and, as someone stated earlier, Blockchain Whispers Premium is like a Free channel but on steroids, I can 100% affirm this beyond any doubt.

“With all the fucking shady shit going on in crypto world, I can’t believe I was lucky enough to stumble across BCW. We know you care D man and we love you for it!”
— Per, BCW crypto discussions chat

I will show you now their last premium signals I’ve followed lately. I’m hoping their admins don’t mind me posting this because I really have to share this with you so you have a picture of how it all looks in the Premium group!

Check this out:

Image for post
Image for post
An example of a fast short-term Bitmex signal that the premium Blockchain Whispers group received.

On September 13th, D man’s newest group of analyst that go by the name Sicario, gave this call exclusively to Premium members, and this one is not even the best one, this is just the last one I followed!

D Man found the Sicario Team who trades for themselves mostly. And their lead trader is pure badass on Bitmex. Sicario have 9/10 accuracy of the free signals, and they made over 175% profit! That means that if you invested 1000$ you would now have $2750 minimum. And that is profit in less than a month! Isn’t that mindblowing?

“Thanks to Dman, Sicario and all the nice people in this chat I managed to double my small casino budget :))))”
— Evo P, BCW crypto discussions chat

Their free signals are now posted on here. Heck, you can even check their past trades there by yourself if you wish. Also, I need to mention, not all calls need to be acted fast like this one. For some calls you have the whole day or even two days to enter it.

But, I’m not here to write a review about the premium group. The free Blockchain Whispers signal group is I would say even more incredible because so many people use their free signals and that accuracy with that big volume is outstanding. Many calls that were analyzed correctly would fail because of too big buying power. I’d genuinely suggest you to jump in and see what the fuss is all about.

They moved their free Telegram channel to the web because as there were hundreds of thousands of people, keeping something valuable like that on someone else’s platform like Telegram became too dangerous. You get a pop-up notification when there is some update on the given call so it is really super easy to keep track of the new updates. The second best thing about their website for me is that you can chat and learn more about trading from other free members as well as chat with premium members only.

Besides premium group, they also have Blockchain Whispers Fundamentals-Only channel on Telegram, which is covering crypto-news and are already rivaling Coin Telegraph in reach.

One bit of warning though: the language used by the admin is often provocative and not what is common in the investment world. If you can bear with it, you are in for a treat.

My Conclusion:
If you’re into crypto and want to beat the odds, Blockchain Whispers is my non-biased honest RECOMMENDATION. It costs you nothing to check for yourself. These are the Blockchain Whispers resources:

For the bitcoin and leverage trading BitMEX signals: The Anti-Liquidation tool
For free and premium crypto signals (registration required): Crypto Signals
For fundamental news: News and Picks
For proof and followers feedback: Proof and Testimonials
Telegram news channel: @blockchainwhispersbaby

Tom Harold

Written by

Analyst in the financial services industry, ICT Coordinator Partner at IXIA and Cryptoenthousiast since 2016. Father of two huskies Smokey and Torr

Tom Harold

Written by

Analyst in the financial services industry, ICT Coordinator Partner at IXIA and Cryptoenthousiast since 2016. Father of two huskies Smokey and Torr

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