Being bossy and having leadership skills is not the same thing.

I think we all have been in a situation, when your colleague, boss or even a friend is quite self-confident in giving tasks to others. How would we call this person then? A leader or a bossy man, lady, girl, guy etc ?

To answer this question I’d make a list of words that describe a leader and a list for the word bossy. This what I have found in google:

Leader: focus, passion, respect, care and confidence.

Bossy: dictatorial, domineering, on someone’s back.

As you can see from the result, being a leader and being bossy is not the same thing at all. And, frankly speaking, when it comes to leadership skills I always remember my mom. She runs a restaurant. And her connection with the team is absolutely amazing. Despite the fact that she’s the boss, she doesn’t mind to clean dishes and help out the girls on the floor. She’s always there for her team. If she was just a bossy manager, then she would expect others to work very hard and tell them what to do in a way that it is annoying. Being bossy means expect others to obey. A true leader doesn’t need his colleagues to obey, though. He pushes the team forward by being just one of them.