Special Elections: I Don’t Believe In Moral Victories
Tim Ryan

Here’s what I think. I am sick & tired of this attitude that if we don’t pull miracles out of our sleeves, we suck and are worthless and our “message” is lacking. For god’s sake, these four special elections were in blood-red districts where the congressman was such a radical right-winger that he was tapped to join the Trump administration. None of those districts was winnable for Democrats barring some type of miracle.

And if you think we are “nothing more than an anti-Trump party,” seriously — have you even been listening to your colleagues? Or do you consider opposing a health care bill that would devastate tens of millions of families personally and financially, taking the homes, businesses, life savings, health and even their lives to be doing so just to oppose Donald Trump — even though this bill was crafted just to oppose everything President Obama did without regard to the welfare of ordinary Americans?

You know why the Democratic Party is a “toxic brand”? Because Republicans have made it that way and instead of defending our great candidates and officeholder, and our policies that benefit the average person, Democrats like you turn on their own, giving the media cover to write more “Democrats in disarray” stories and natter on about how weak, worthless and without a “message” we are.

You are just wrong. Nothing you said here isn’t something I heard Hillary Clinton say over and over during the many times I heard her speak here in Northeast Ohio. She spoke repeatedly to our hopes and dreams — and the idea that those hopes and dreams were available to ALL of us, not simply to white men.

I don’t know why you want to turn into the Enemy Within. I expected a lot more from you.