Fair Representation Act would be “the most comprehensive approach to changing how we elect Congress…

I wish they would start with the possible and tested instead of introducing measures so strange and complex they will never fly. That would mean a focus on #3, which some states have already done and other states have introduced and tried to pass. Here in Ohio, for instance, we had an excellent proposal on the ballot in 2012 which was defeated by several lies spread by big, dark, outside money. But then in 2015, we did pass legislative redistricting in a landslide (71%), and currently the League of Women Voters Ohio is working to get a congressional redistricting issue on the 2018 ballot. Alas, they are less good than the 2012 which would have create a non-partisan citizens commission that allocated seats 3/3/3 with a third going to independent/third party voters.

The second part strikes me as too complicated and likely to leave large states in something resembling chaos: enormous districts with multiple representatives and people not sure exactly who represents them or who to contact. We have a problem now with people not even being aware of who their congressperson is or what they stand for; this would seem to compound this.

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