This refrain that people want Hilary Clinton to shut up because she’s a woman is getting a bit…
Aaron Seeman

To start with this is false. She HAS taken responsbililty. But this plays into what Melissa is addressing. It is NEVER enough for a woman to just “take responsibility.” She has to admit she is a complete failure and worthless. She can never take responsbility without saying she is SOLELY responsible and no outside factors were involved. She has to be adject and self-debasing. And this is why study after study has shown that the average woman who fails to get a promotion or job beats up on herself and loses faith in herself; the average man just figures it’s bad luck or blames someone else and moves on.

HIllary has more than “taken responsbility. But what about another candidate who threw the Democatic primary into turmoil yet lost by an even larger margin, indirectly leading to Trump’s presidency? I see no acceptable of responsibility either from him or his supporters, who will undoubtedly be outraged that I even mention this. Yes, he is a man; he doesn’t have to. And I can easily turn your words around becaue they would be100% true: I realize that people who love him think he IS the ideal candidate. But those people are blind to his fatal flaws as a leader.”

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