5 things you should remember when you start something new. (Reminder to myself.)

This month I’ve started new project at my work. Early I never faced with similar projects and when I began it wasn’t easy for me. While I write this sentence I just received message from my colleague, he wrote that I forgot about 1 detail in task… So, first lesson is……

You shouldn’t think that you know everything.

But, second lesson:

You should aspire to it.

Third lesson. It’s not shame if you don’t know something.


It’s shame if you don’t try to learn something new. Forget about “It’s hard”, “I can’t” and so on. Yes, it may be hard. But just in the beginning. So, you can.

And fifth. If you decided to save some time at the beginning and didn’t pay attention to planning, you will spend three times more later.

It seems that all these things are simple and clear. But in haste we can forget about it.