Capturing moments

Anna Green
Oct 16, 2018 · 2 min read

I must say this was hard for me. To capture, you know…

Because I usually divide my time: write and conquer (or be creative and write, I don’t know what sounds better), so I have my “own” phase to capture “The Moment” and today was this awkward busy, fuzzy, angry, “I-am-so-late” morning.
To cut it short I was standing near the lake, waiting for my “bus” to arrive and suddenly the time stopped, seriously, bless the movies for teaching us what does it look like.
I was in this amazing still place, soundless, timeless and I started actually SAW things around me.
I love Autumn for its color.
Trees — that remind us the touch of the artistic hand in landscape oil paintings, the festive environment we all are in, yes I used the right word, because of the moment;
kind of, anticipation before something… Big, smell of pumpkin, color of pumpkin everywhere, wool socks, fluffy sweaters, hot chocolate, warm hugs, hot hot coffee, that’s what autumn is for me. And it occurred in a very inappropriate, unwilling moment like a mischievous cold shower flushed over my ungrateful head.

So…what I’m trying to say, is, that sometimes, when you don’t wait for the appropriate moment, it will come to you, and the time will stop, and eventually your heart’s pace will slow down, and you will notice something…

Image for post
Image for post
I took this image this morning, waiting for the bus to arrive, enjoy :)

This kiddo came out of a creative journaling challenge lead by Trisha Traughber(you can join in by contacting Trisha through her website).

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