Small rowan branch slowly stirred the liquid in the big black cauldron.
Around remained hollow silence, there was no one in the room, only calm and persevering mixing of that rowan branch.

Then distant buzz, swelling ,while approaching the old shabby cabin in the wood where the cauldron remained.

It was a small blue light, flying from the abandoned house and family.

There… it arrived on the spot, now as a “light” approached the Cauldron, there appeared a Witch with pointed black hat and dark black robe she watched as a dead soul entered a cauldron, then a newborn soul appeared out of it finding it’s way Home.
Life goes on and her job for the centuries was to look after the process and the Cauldron.
She took that rowan branch and mixed the liquid once more, the whole process was enchanted, distant light as flickering stars were glittering from the hole of the life process.
Then she disappeared waiting for the other moment.