Lonely Hearts

She had a hard work to do “Bring lonely hearts together”.

It was Christmas Eve and Evette had her friends come over and spend the holiday together, she prepared her favorite room for the occasion.

Games on the coffee table (made out of dark wood, very old piece of furniture, came from her granfather); popcorn, ready to be made in the fire poppers, punch in a bowl, cute glasses with special Christmas straws, in the back corner big fir tree, lights (how can any be without one).
 Evette took another round in the living room, she loved Christmas.
 “Ooops, almost forgot”, she crossed the room and put on CD with Christmas Carols

“O hear the angels’ voices
 O night divine
 O night when Christ was born
 O night divine o night
 O night divine”

…she heard the soft voice of Celine Dion.

The bell rang, let the celebration begins.


Few hours later, when punch was almost gone and the games made their heart warm, two stranger who barely spoke to each other bumped in the entry.
 “Kiss”, cried the crowd.
 “What?Why?”, they laughted.
 “You are under mistletoe, kiss kiss!”

She was right above them, tied up with the red bow, bringing lonely hearts together.