Greed is good unless greed is bad, eh?
Derek Bergen

Both your counterpoints are laughable. Dirk could easily have gotten more money on the Mavs and no one would have blinked. They aren’t even close to contention so there’s little harm in giving him like 15m for one year. Just lol at the moving his family thing.

You do realize that the warriors are 15+ million over the LUXURY cap, right? RIGHT? The extra 7 million have nothing to do with cap flexibility and everything to do with the owner saving money from his pocket. Their payroll is 136m, if Durant had taken 31,7m (the discount needed for the previously accepted Dre and Shaun contracts to be all possible) it would’ve been around 142m and, guess what, the only difference it would’ve made in any Warriors related sense is that Joe Lacob would have payed less of a luxury tax this year, and every year in the foreseeable future since the warriors are gonna be hit with repeater tax penalties while they continue to win championships.

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