Not to burst your bubble, but I watched the same game and am not a United fan.
Filip Zec

I sincerely thought you where replying to another comment for about half your response. First of all, did you happen to watch even one United game under LvG? That was the basic point of my comment. The most attractive and offensive piece of football since before the LvG era. Next, idk where I said anything about playing good football in the first half till the goal. We were shite. I honestly don’t know how to reply to the Soton part. Down 2 with almost a half to play and supposedly the team shut it down on purpose? And magically they created a few chances later on? Comical. You mention the Bertrand absence. I can probably understand what you said as you don’t seem to have watched many MU games recently. Valencia does this to every left back these past two years, simply outpacing everyone with the difference this year that there’s a proper target man to work with his shitty flings to the box. It isn’t pretty but it’s effective now. And let me get to the absolutely hilarious claim of no creative players against a packed defense. Pogba, the most sought after midfielder in the world, Anthony Martial, the teenage scorer of 10+ England goals in his age 19 season. (no match for Brana Ivanovic quite obviously), Juan Mata, the dude who managed to create and score 25 — 30 goals in two seasons of LvG atrocity and minimal spacing, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, the bundesliga leader in assists are supposedly not creative enough to unlock the mighty defenses of sides like Arsenal,Liverpool,Chelsea, Leicester or West Ham. Tottenham and City are the only big teams with a potentially rock-solid D. I won’t even bother with the Stokes and the Palaces. I will give you this. Rooney is cooked and the fellaini obsession is beyond me, so there’s plenty of fine-tuning. United are not an intimidating team yet and I can’t say the sure will be, but they have almost every piece to be one in the future. It’s also very funny to read those “will get exposed against real competition”. This year definitely won’t be a walk in the park and it quite possibly may not result in a title but to even suggest that in the league where Leicester fucking city won the league and west ham finished that high, this United will be “exposed” and be lucky to finish 4th is hilarious.

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