A working space dream

Do you see this huge table? I hope to have a similar one some time in the future (but I am being realistic, so I know that no in the nearest future). A working space has always been extremely important for me and it still is. I am a combination of the opposites — sometimes there is nothing I want more than just go to a coffee shop, melt in the sounds of other people`s voice and do my thing, while sipping delicious coffee, but there are others, when everything irritates me and I just want a spacious clean space for work and zero sounds around me. I want it to be comfortable, but also beautiful. I want to feel good there and I want to be able to do whatever I need to do.

For the last couple of years I have been very lucky — living in a great place and on my own, but I did not buy a desk and a chair, which I needed so much. I thought that these expences were not necessary. Guess what? I was wrong. However I cannot fix it now because prices have gone up 3 or even 3,5 times, because of all the troubles we have in Ukraine (by the way, yes, this is where I come from and currently live), so I keep on having no desk. Where do I work? Most of the time, in the kitchen on a kitchen table, sometimes I see on my yoga met and use my bed instead of a table. No matter where exactly I am, I keep on thinking about how much I want to organize a proper working space. Oh, how much I daydream about it… How many images I have saved from tumblr for inspiration…The one you see on top of this post was among those.

I have recently realized that I dream not only of a proper desk, but of a huge table, which was probably meant for family dinners, but I would use it for all of my papers, notebooks, book etc, and there would a space either next to me or on the opposite side of the table for my partner. Yes, I love it when we do our things next to each other.

Despite knowing that in the nearest future a working space dream will remain a dream, I am more than sure that one day I will have a table like this one and I will take my own pictures and share them here, as well as write about my joy of finally having a working space that I had dreamt of.

Where do you work? What is your perfect working space? Let me know. Send me pictures. Let`s talk about i!