Disappointment After Disappointment

Hello! It is Monday, but my post today is going to be neither motivational, neither cheerful. I am extremely disappointed. Today I am fed up, today I am exhausted from saying “it will work out” and doing everything I could in order to not receive the expected results. “Sometimes better will happen” or “well, probably it did not suppose to happen” are the worst things to say, because when every single thing you plan does not work out, does it mean nothing is supposed to happen in my life? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Anyway. Today is a bad day. And it has been a bad year. Eight months of torture. Eight fucking months. I am furious. This is ridiculous. Things cannot keep on being bad and bad again. UGH. Sometimes life sucks, and I cannot wait to wake up and finally see that this long black period is over and things are working out again.

Yes, that`s my post of the day. That`s it. Boom.