Go outside!

Today I once again proved to myself how important it is to leave home, to meet people and to do other things apart from work etc. I’m one of those people, who spend a lot of time at home. Not only I feel good there, but it also seems like the best place to have rest. Sometimes it’s true, and sometimes it’s enough, but it’s also important to shape up and go somewhere.

As you’ve probably noticed I had had a tough week. The last couple of days were especially challenging and exhausting. Today is Sunday and I woke up at 5:35am to do some work. It’s now 11:20pm and I’m finally going to sleep. Well, after I finish this post on my iPhone. This weekend did not seem to be a weekend at all, it was more like the worst Monday one could have. Only Monday is going to be tomorrow. However today had quite a few joyful moments, which I’m very grateful for.

So, I was planning to meet a friend today, and I was a little bit anxious of being way too tired and not too ready for communication. I was wrong! Uhm, yes, I was very sleepy and I fell asleep at the cinema, buuuut I enjoyed this day a lot. It was warm and sunny, sometimes cloudy and fresh. We walked and talked, we went to a cosy cafe and then went for a walk again. I had sushi for lunch and then went to the cinema. I spent 8 happy hours outside of home. I remembered about all the things that I would still have to do today and in the upcoming days, but I did not want to care about it at that moment. I just wanted to enjoy my day, I wanted to feel that it was actually weekend, and so I did.

After I got home I worked again. Actually I didn’t do anything else, I just worked. It turns out I have to work more right now, but I just can’t, so I’ll try really hard to have some rest in order to wake up very early tomorrow.

I’ll have this intense schedule for a month, and I’m already dreaming of taking a week off in July and then just reading and writing, reading and writing. I know it won’t be easy until then, but I also know that I can do it.

What about you? Did you go outside this weekend? Tell me.