How Many More Times?

One more hope— gone. One more huge and painful disappointment — done. I keep on saying that there is something extremely wrong with 2016. At least, personally for me. Whatever I plan, whichever opportunity arises — nothing works out. NOTHING. My biggest fear for now is that this lack of luck will enter 2017 with me. Hopefully it won`t happen.

Yes, I have been trying really hard. Yes, I have been making a lot of efforts. Yes, I have been doing everything I could. So what the hell? Why does this keep on happening again and again? What is wrong with you, world? What have I done? Have I had too much luck in the past? Am I done now? I do not understand.

I keep on trying again and again. Every time something goes wrong, something does not work. This is becoming impossible. Today I am feeling unbearably helpless.