I’ve been feeling completely lost lately. Not only I’m struggling with myself, but every text I write is declined by whoever I approach to publish here or there. I know it should not stop me, and it simply cannot because I love writing and I need it. Whenever any text is written, I feel unspeakable happiness and joy, I feel full and I feel calm, I feel myself. I simply feel good. So, of course, I will go on writing and hopefully one day I will be able to write and publish regularly and even earn money that way, but now it is just hard not to feel overwhelmed by the quantity of “no-s”. It is so complicated to stop that voice inside that keeps on saying again and again that I am not good enough, that I cannot write, that maybe I should not write etc. All of this is such a pain, but I have to fight with it and I know it.

Despite this, life is good and all its goodness is about the small things like bringing your sheets and clothes from the laundry, smelling them and feeling how clean they are; doing some yoga and then relaxing on the mat; having a shower and then drinking green tea; turning on new calm music and simply lying down to enjoy tumblr or medium, to enjoy myself.

No matter what, things will be sorted out! I will sort them out. Everything will be fine! Good night, world!