It`s Monday, girl!

As much as I fell asleep with gratitude yesterday, I woke up thinking “Oh, my, why does good time always fly by so quickly?” and “Is there really no way I could stay in bed and just read my book?”. I am not that bad with Mondays, but sometimes it is a little bit more challenging to shape up than usually. Today was one of those days, but I did not let it overwhelm me. I knew that there were a lot of things to be done, and no other person would do it except for me. And so I did! Delicious breakfast, freshly brewed jasmine tea with soursop and coffee later during the day, as well as yoga (I had to presuade myself to get on the mad, but was SO happy and proud of myself afterwards) and some reading on Medium helped.

The best thing about today was seeing my writing. First of all, my proper piece about summer, plans and my thoughts about it all, was finally published on The Fashion Crowd. You can read it here. Luckilly, I had enough time yesterday, on Sunday, to put all of my ideas in order and finally write them down after having a couple of tough days. It seems that it is the worst, when you have a subject, but no ideas, whereas it is actually equally bad, when you know exactly what you want to say, but have NO idea how to do it. This was the case and I proudly concured it. After reading the piece — let me know what you think and share your summer plans.

Secondly, I posted a questionnaire with a very talented illustrator — Gloria Garcia on my blog. I have a section, where I ask people, who inspire me, 5 short and simple questions. I believe it is a great way to find out a little bit more about interesting people. You can read Gloria`s answers and look at her works here.

It is now 5:27pm and my working day is slowly wrapping up, although I still have a meeting planned later today. Monday went well I must say and it feels so good to do things.

P.S. I spent my last money on a print issue of Business of Fashion today, and got quite upset that I literally had nothing left. AND THEN I found out that I got a little raise today and I received my salary right afterwards. You never know what is waiting around the corner. And it is exciting!

P.S.2 I do not smoke and I do not think that smoking is OK, but I genuinely loved the picture on top of this post.