Persistence Is Key

It is now 7:30 pm on a Saturday night and I spent 8 hours at my laptop today — transcribing, editing, translating and editing again an interview that took place more than 4 months ago. I feel exhausted and drained, but I am also extremely excited, because I have finally done it.

Usually an interview is out within a week or two after I did it, but in June I had an extra job, which took 6–8 hours of my days and nights; when those hours were added up to other 8 hours that my full-time job requires, I only had about 6 or maximum 8 hours a day left. As a result, I spent 6 of them sleeping (sometimes less) and the rest was for food and communication. That month was brutal, but I would do it again, if I could because of money.

July, August and September seemed better, but were nevertheless really busy too. I kept on thinking “I have to work on that interview, I have to make it ready”, but I kept on postponing it. At some point, it seemed that I would never do it, and just thinking about it disappointed me a lot, because the interview itself was great! I was proud of it and I could not wait to share it with the readers, but I struggled a lot along the way.

The last couple of weeks have been especially busy due to preparation for two work-related trips to Warsaw and Paris, and then being there. I came back a week ago and there was an overload of work combined with a flu. As the weekend was approaching, I knew one thing for sure — number one goal would be to make an interview ready to be posted. I would not let myself find another excuse to not do it.

I woke up late today (late for my usual schedule); at about 9. I thought of having a chill morning, drinking coffee in bed and reading one of the magazines that I have brought from my trip, but then I realized — these things would be enjoyable and the day would be very short, so if I wanted to work on my interview, I had to start it right away. This is exactly what I did!

Was it easy spending my whole day doing it instead of relaxing, having some proper rest or going somewhere and enjoying myself? No, but let me tell you, finishing the interview in two languages (Russian and English) felt AWESOME. I am looking forward to tomorrow in order to have a look at it with my fresh eyes, edit it a little bit more and then finally send it to the editor. I am SO excited right now, because I think it is even more interesting than I remembered and I cannot wait to see it out, I cannot wait to share it here with you. I am so glad I had a chance to talk to this person, I am grateful that he agreed to share his story with me. I am happy right now! Moreover, this state is motivating me to start looking for new opportunities to interview creative and hard-working people.

Therefore, I want to point out how important persistence is. Sometimes, actually very often, persistence is needed against ourself, against our discomfort, our fear, our laziness. With persistence you could deal with anything, even your worst parts. MORE PERSISTENCE, MORE!