Productive weekends make Mondays better

Hello! I know, it is Tuesday today, but I could not stop thinkng about how good I felt yesterday. I woke up and I was fine. There was no rush, no panic. I have already written, translated, edited and re-edited my blog post, so without any pressure I edited it a little bit more and hit “publish”. After that I shared it on my social media and wrote a couple of twits. I opened Medium and wrote a tiny post here too.

It was 7am and it felt like I have already done SO MUCH and could move on to doing others things I had to do, like get ready and leave for work. Basically, I used my weekend for doing my homework and on a Monday morning I was ready for class with no stress. It is ridiculous, but it was so liberating. I was so happy and grateful for doing it, for using my weekend in the best way possible — reading and writing, and not just writing, but writing a proper piece (in 2 languages, by the way, guys!), which I can publish later. Why have I not done it before?

Well, mainly because I had this crazy idea “I should rest on the weekends”, but when did resting start equalling to “doing nothing” or who said that writing could not be your rest? I was wrong about both of those things. At least, it seemed that way. I am cured now and I am excited about it.

Preparing my blog posts in advance have always been a goal of mine, but in most cases I wokr up at 6am and started writing before work. On the days, when it wass impossible due to this or that reason (like laziness, fear or lack of concentration), I wrote it during the day and sometimes even in the very end of it. It depended on all sorts of circumstance. Of course, there were days when I did not manage to finish the post, I felt irritated and disappointed in myself then. However, the days when I wake up and I know that my writing is ready for the day are the best. On top of that, it does not mean that I won`t be writing, because, most probably, I will write and more, than I expected.

So, where are we? Do your homework. Stop thinking that weekend is for doing nothing or for doing everything, but writing, like cleaning, cooking, going out. NO! Set a goal to write. Go further and stop seeing the weekend as the weekend, those are just two extra days to work on your writing. That is it! Have a look at the twit I reposted yesterday. Does it make sense to you? What do you think?

I must confess though, that I am always mad at my boss, when she wants to me to do something on weekends, which can be done on Monday. If it is not urget, why make it that way? Also, I feel like it is a disrespect for me and my personal time. Whereas when it really is urgent and there is now way you could postpone it — well, then you just do it. THE most important thing is that writing is not work for me (I would love to be paid for it, though), and maybe that is the thing, the reason why it does not make me feel like I am working and wasting my weekend…I do not know.

How do you feel when you are writing on weekends? Personally, I plan to always do it now, to see it as a number #1 goal of my Sunday — write a proper blog post for Monday, no matter what.

P.S. This post worked out really well, did not it? Do start following me, let`s be friends, as I am planning to write and publish a lot more here.