Stop Doing Things All The Time And Have Some Rest

It is Friday night and I bet you have had a tough week. At least, I did. It was extremely busy and stressful, I am exhausted both physically and emotionally. I know that I must do the laundry and wash the dishes and do some more work. Apart from that I did not manage to prepare my yesterday`s post for my blog, so this is a must too. It is now 9:16pm and I could still do those things. I know that if I had a little bit more energy or if I were in the mood, I could do all of those things, but I won`t.

Today I choose relaxing and having some rest. Today I choose taking time for myself. Today I choose postponing everything for tomorrow in order to wake up and feel better, to make a cup of hot coffee and then write, read, write a little bit more and get to my to-do list. “I am going to think about it tomorrow”, if you know what I mean. Why don`t you do the same? Stop doing things all the time and have some rest. Believe me, the world won`t be destroyed, if you do, and dirty plates or dirty shirts can really wait, while you rest. So please do. Do not forget to find time to take care of yourself.