Taking Care Of Others Makes You So Much Happier

Let`s say you have had a bad day, you are mad and sad and everything seems wrong. Some issues can be tackled, others will remain where they are for now. So what do you do? How do you save the situation? Usually I do things that are especially enjoyable, but simple, like reading and writing. I can go to a cafe and enjoy a cup of coffee. When things get really bad, I order sushi. However, those things do not always help. Sometimes a ver bad feeling inside stays and seems like it will be there forever. What should you do then? Think about someone very dear to you and do something for that person.

This is not going to be news, but we seem to keep on forgetting about it — doing something for others may feel better than doing something for yourself, especially if you are used to constantly taking care of yoursel. Why not change the pattern, why not start thinking more about others and do something for them too?

On my birthday I went to a cafe to eat desserts and celebrate. I thought about my mom. I thought that I would love to share them with her, to eat together, to feel special together, to experience it with each other. Yes, it is very simple, but precious, is not it? I looked around and noticed that they sold coffee beans from all over the world. My mom drinks coffee, but she does not bother to buy really good coffee. She buys the most ordinary one at the supermarket most of the time. I spent a second thinking and grabbed a bag for her. I knew that every time she would make coffee, she would think about me, she would feel taken care of and loved.

A couple of days later I went to a store to buy some glasses and a cup, and some other little things to make home a cosier place. What I saw in the kitchen section, was a beautiful, minimalistic teapot. My mom has been looking for one for a very long time, but could not find the one that she would both like and find a convenient one. Well, you guessed it, I bought it for her. Yes, I was a little bit scared, because there was a chance she would not like it, but I knew she would appreciate the fact that she would not have to keep on looking for it.

Today I came home again. It was an urgent unexpected trip, which not only stressed me out, but also gave me a chance to bring these purchases and give them to my mom. I was so excited and I still am. As she opened a bag and say a teapot (which is, again, a very simple thing), she reacted just like I imagined she would and went to choose the tea she would make right away. I sat down and I felt warmth inside. I felt so awful yesterday and I kept on being nervous today, but this moment of calmness and softness made me feel much better. I did not care about anything else except for my mother and me being able to make her life a little bit easier, a little bit better, at least, in some simple ways.

Therefore, if you have found out that taking care of yourself, buying things for yourself and basiccaly being bothered by yourself than by anyone else have not been helping, open your eyes and your heart — start doing those things for others, start taking care about them, start showing your love. Believe me, this process will make you a much happier person!